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Bank Integrations

Streamlined banking APIs to automate money movement and real-time reconciliation, with your bank of choice.

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One unified API platform for complete bank connectivity.


Accept bank transfers via PayNow, PayLah! and Direct Debit/eGIRO directly to your bank account at 0% MDR.


Trigger instant bank payouts to suppliers, workers, freelancers and more with just one push of the button.

Recognition & Reconciliation

Get instant credit/debit notifications from your bank account in real-time for your reconciliation or operational needs.


Execute on FX with your corporate bank account directly through our APIs.

Why Acme?

Streamlined solutions that grow alongside your business.

Speed to market

Acme's streamlined APIs provides you with the fastest way to integrate with your bank for bank transfers, payouts, and reconciliation.

Lower cost of integration

Save on engineering efforts with streamlined APIs. Our SaaS fees don't grow exponentially with your business.

Own your bank relationship

Acme sits as a software layer on top of your tech stack. You continue to work with your bank(s) of choice and own that relationship.

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A unified banking API

Get up and running seamlessly with an easy-to-use API.

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What used to take days or even weeks is now accomplished in a matter of hours or minutes, allowing the finance team to focus on more strategic tasks.
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Yitao Zhang
MD of Luce
I can't imagine how the bank integrations process would look like without you guys.
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- Steven Li, Co-Founder of Fluid
Working with Acme Technology helped lighten our load and freed up resources to focus on improving our overall product. We are happy to entrust Acme Technology with our bank integrations in the region.
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- Alex Lew, Chief Product Officer of WhiteCoat Global
Instead of having to hire more headcount, working with Acme helped us to save more than 600 hours a year on recognition and reconciliation.
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- Jing Cheng Ng,  Operations Manager, Funding Societies