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ZALORA introduces new bank-based payment methods in Singapore with Acme's bank integration services

Customers in Singapore can pay by PayLah! and seamless PayNow on ZALORA, expanding the number of ways ZALORA customers can choose to pay.
If we had integrated with the bank on our own, there would be multiple endpoints to take care of. Acme abstracted all the complex details and made the entire integration journey smoother and faster.

- Akanksha Saxena, Senior Engineering Manager, ZALORA


Revenue optimization
ZALORA customers can now choose to pay using a broader variety of payment methods including popular ones like PayLah! and PayNow.
3x speed to market
Something that could take 6-7 sprints in total took ZALORA just 4 sprints to complete.
Lower cost to serve
With Acme's support, ZALORA was able to spend less time on engineering and operational work, while introducing cost-optimised payment methods.


As one of the leading online fashion retailers in the region, top of mind for ZALORA are the ways it can improve the customer experience. Often this gets down to the details, like introducing the payment methods their customers like to pay with.

Understanding that PayLah! and seamless PayNow are growing in popularity as payment methods of choice, ZALORA decided to embark on a direct integration with their bank to offer these payment methods.


As the leading bank integrations provider, Acme was chosen to support ZALORA on this effort.

How Acme supported ZALORA to launch PayLah! and seamless PayNow:

Provide a unified set of APIs to streamline the integration process
"Acme abstracted all the complex details and made the entire integration journey smoother and faster. I really liked the setup, there is only one end point to manage and Acme significantly reduced the friction for us." - Akanksha Saxena, Senior Engineering Manager

Reduce time spent on operational and project management work
"We had a very good relationship with Acme. The team is proactive in answering all our questions and helping to coordinate with the bank to find the best solutions. They were able to serve well as the bridge between us and our bank." - Dalila Noor Haizan, Project Manager

Combine product management and payments expertise
"The team was very proactive and took the initiative to be invovled in testing the front-end app. They were able to point out issues [in the payments flow] and share workarounds." - Shahirah Sahari, Product Manager

Acme helps businesses integrate effectively with their bank accounts for payment collections, reconciliation, and payouts. With Acme, businesses have gone live in 3-5 times the speed and saved on overall costs.

Image: ZALORA Singapore's newly introduced PayLah! and PayNow payment methods: