January 8, 2024

WhiteCoat, Southeast Asia’s Healthcare Passport, leads the charge in the next generation of tech and payments evolution.

About WhiteCoat: Singapore-headquartered WhiteCoat is Southeast Asia's leading omnichannel health & wellness platform, offering online and in-person care to individuals, insurer bases and corporates for everything from GP to specialist care (such as paediatrics) and allied services such as mental wellness. 

About Acme Technology: Acme Technology is the leading bank integrations provider. Our software enables businesses to connect directly with their bank of choice to automate all finance and payments processes. Think real-time reconciliation and direct-to-bank payments and payouts. No lengthy integration, just streamlined APIs that transform bank integrations into a Stripe-like experience.

“As WhiteCoat Global expands within SEA to be the first and single healthcare touchpoint for our users, we recognise that payment processes play a key role in the care journey. Recognising that real-time bank payments are becoming more prevalent than card payments, we sought to work with Acme Technology to accelerate bank integrations, resulting in a smoother and more efficient process for our customers.” Alex Lew, CPO of WhiteCoat.

Since its inception in 2018, WhiteCoat’s vision is to build a patient-centric healthcare platform that brings together a fragmented care industry involving patients, healthcare providers and payers (e.g., insurers and corporates) to provide affordable, accessible and convenient care.

The company isn’t just a telemedicine provider. WhiteCoat wants to be Southeast Asia region’s healthcare passport: Users, armed with the WhiteCoat digital app, will be able to see a care practitioner and access myriad affordable and quality healthcare services anytime, anywhere through our omnichannel approach to care. The company wants to empower the region to take better care of their health by putting healthcare services literally within everyone’s fingertips through a single touchpoint. 

“While already commonplace in countries such as Singapore, WhiteCoat’s services are particularly relevant in places where doctor-to-patient ratios are low, and as physical healthcare infrastructure around the world is increasingly strained.” Says Bryan Koh, CEO of WhiteCoat.

How WhiteCoat has evolved to improve the customer and clinician experience

By bringing onto its platform a wide network of care practitioners, WhiteCoat helps patients overcome the physical barrier of care access. For example, a doctor in Ho Chi Minh City can be doing a teleconsult with a user in Hanoi. Medications are dispensed in-house or through a partner network of pharmacies, with logistics partners seeing to doorstep delivery. Recognising that teleconsultations cannot see to all conditions, cases deemed unsuitable for teleconsultation are referred to visits to a physical clinic.

This omnichannel approach provides users with a seamless end-to-end healthcare journey where they are able to teleconsult with our practitioners easily, and then have their medications delivered to their location of choice.

Critical to the seamless journey is solving for payments: patients need to be able to pay digitally for their teleconsultation and medication in a fuss-free and secure manner, with relevant local payment methods enabled.  

Adopting a forward-looking payments strategy

When WhiteCoat first launched its services in Singapore, the company only accepted card payments. Seeing that customers in the region were increasingly adopting real-time payments, WhiteCoat decided to explore alternative solutions that enhanced the customer experience. 

Integrating directly with their primary bank to accept real-time payments was the obvious next step: Specifically, WhiteCoat launched a seamless acceptance of Singapore’s largest real-time payment method, PayNow, where transactions could take place without having customers scan QR codes.

Said Alex Lew, Chief Product Officer of WhiteCoat, “We were one of the first companies to adopt a seamlessPayNow solution, with a direct integration into our bank account through the support of Acme Technology. This is important both for our customer experience, as well as internally to manage our payment costs as we scale our business.” 

Upon deciding to integrate directly with their bank, WhiteCoat enlisted the help of Acme Technology to implement the solution.

WhiteCoat’s partnership with Acme: Accelerating bank integrations

Integrating with a bank requires significant time and engineering resources on the back end. Given that WhiteCoat wanted to focus on its core product offering, Acme Technology, with its primary focus on banking integrations, became the obvious partner of choice. 

“We are delighted to have WhiteCoat as one of our customers. The WhiteCoat team’s mission and orientation towards adopting leading technologies is an inspiration for many others,” said Rensyn Hooi, General Manager of Acme.

Within a few months and with just a few weeks of active engineering effort on WhiteCoat’s end, the bank integration and new payment method was launched.

“Working with Acme Technology helped lighten our load and freed up resources to focus on improving our overall product,” says Alex Lew, “We were happy to entrust Acme Technology with our bank integrations given their expertise in this field.” 

What’s next? As WhiteCoat continues to expand into new and existing markets, the company will continue to be a leader in exploring innovations in payments and finance to enhance its core product offering.